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Why Cirrus Shield?

Why Cirrus Shield?

Our story is your story. You want to do a good job and you are motivated by the mission and the end goal. You want your work to make a difference. We want all the same thing. We believe in your teams as much as ours. Our mission, culture and commitment allow us to provide a service that you won’t see anywhere else in the market.

The beginnings of Cirrus Shield

The beginnings of Cirrus Shield

    •  Our story began in 2009 with the creation of Cirrus Shield’s mother company, Aliston, a CRM consulting firm. After a few years of working on CRM projects with various systems in the market, Aliston’s team of consultants found out that those systems were often unfit for customer’s needs, too complicated to use and difficult to implement.
    • Years of experience combined with the problems our clients were facing helped us create a vision of what a management tool for a company should be like: Easy to use, offering vertical solutions adapted to each activity, and above all, it must be customizable to satisfy the specific needs of each client.
    • This is how Cirrus Shield, the first French low-code platform, was founded in 2011. This platform offers the power of low-code with pre-built vertical solutions in order to meet our customer’s needs.
    • Cirrus Shield helps companies reduce time spent on administrative tasks, increase revenue and improve process management. Cirrus Shield platform enables complementary applications to be built in order to support more processes within the enterprise.

Origin of the name « Cirrus Shield »


”Cirrus” is a very high white cloud, located in the upper layer of the troposphere. It doesn’t cause precipitation and is formed of ice crystals in form of flakes. Cirrus Shield is a connotation to security and protection of blows. Cirrus Shield is a secure cloud-based platform.

Some numbers

Some numbers

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Our experts

Our experts


Camille el Hage

General Manager

Our consultants

Rouba Saliba

Manager Consultant

Roland Sakr

Senior Consultant

Anis Zoghbi

CRM Consultant

Roy Hobeika

CRM Consultant

Our sales and marketing experts

Céline Tabbal

Sales and Marketing Manager

Antoine El Khawand

Graphic designer

Rosa El Haddad

Commercial Expert

Reem Salha

Commercial Expert

Clara Harmouche

Marketing Expert

Our developers

Rosalie Badaro

Principal Architect

Amandine Montagnard

Senior Software Engineer

Weam Haleemi

Software Engineer

Kayan Hassanieh

Software Engineer

Our support team

Sophie Gendillou

Account Manager

Noémie Dotto

SEO Strategist

Kevin Esperou

Administrative Officer

Our values

Our values


We are in constant pursuit of excellence. This results in permanent personal questioning, by a refusal of the status quo and the will to always be the best at what we do. Excellence is our signature and our way of life. When we are constantly refining and improving, our customers know they are in good hands.


Passionate about technique and technology, the culture of our company is a culture of engineers, a culture of makers, of hackers. Most of us disassembled our toys when we were children. On the lookout for the latest innovations, we are passionate about creation and have a common trait: curiosity, an intellectual curiosity that aims to do better.

The human Service

Just because we are a technology company we believe in humanity.  We treat customers the way we would like to be treated: Quick answers, jargon-free explanations, personalized support…